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For those whose passion is cruising or sailing at a leisurely pace and enjoying their boat in a less competitive environment, regardless whether you own a yacht or power boat, Recreational boating offers lots of opportunities for personal growth with a range of opportunities and activities for you.

Whether you’re instilling your child with extra confidence as they learn how to properly secure a line, or you’re enjoying the delicate taste of fresh fish that you caught yourself, boating recreation provides many different rewards for all ages.  It’s a proven fact that recreational boating goes a long ways towards improving your quality of life. The minute you start to move forward on a boat, you’ll notice how easy it is to leave your troubles behind. Recreational boating fun provides a constructive outlet for entertainment that reduces stress and provides enriching opportunities for self discovery and bonding with your family and friends.

Activities are organised by the Recreational Boating Committee for all members and their sailing friends. The aim of these events is to encourage participation in events, to share interesting and educational boating information as well as giving Club members more opportunities to meet other members and use the facilities of the Club.

The Recreational Boating Committee has tailored a comprehensive event schedule which includes Guest Speaker Nights with expert and informative speakers, NavRally style events which are designed not only to test your navigation and safety skills but also a few brain teasers thrown in for good measure, land based social events such as Dinners, Winery Tours and Picnics and loads of memorable cruising activities.

The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Club lends itself to great social activities and SYC members and their guests are invited to use all the facilities the Club has to offer.

All members are encouraged to fly the Club Burgee when aboard the boats. This makes us easily identifiable to other members and is a great catalyst to introductions between members, particularly when away from the Club.

For those whose passion is cruising and enjoying their boat in a less competitive environment, regardless whether you own a yacht or power boat. Recreational Boating offers a range of opportunities and activities for SYC members. These include:

  • Christmas Party
  • Cruises in Company
  • Fishing Competition
  • Guest Speaker Nights
  • Presentation Breakfast
  • SYC Cup NavRally
  • Whalley Cup NavRally
  • Social Events and Tour


All enthusiastic boaters, both power and sail are encouraged to submit articles and photos of their sailing results & adventures, please forward in WordDoc format to [email protected]