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The SYC Foundation

Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC) owes an extensive debt to its founders and past Members for their vision, commitment and generosity in making the Club what it is today. The Club sees and undertakes its obligations to its past and present members, and to future generations of yachtsmen, by maintaining its facilities in excellent condition and creating an environment that encourages its junior members to achieve excellence.

SYC’s Vision is to be Australia’s best yacht club, delivering the ultimate experience in competitive yacht racing, recreational boating, training, and social engagement for our members

SYC’s fundamental purpose (or mission statement) is to achieve our vision by listening and responding to our members, by providing excellent facilities, and by managing all aspects of the clubs operations soundly and professionally.

Our success will be measured by the pride our members take in the Club, and the standing the Club enjoys in the yachting and broader community.

The Sandringham Yacht Club Foundation was set up to help us meet our vision and fundamental purpose and in doing so, ensuring our future success. The Foundation has a principal objective of enlisting the financial support of members of the Club.

General donations can be made to the SYC Foundation, or members may prefer to contribute to one or more of the following funds that have been established:

There are three ways you can contribute towards these funds;

  1. Direct Donations can be made at any time to the Foundation for any specific purpose nominated by the donor or to be added to the general funds of the foundation.
  2. Tax deductible donations through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF)
    The Australian Sports Foundation was established by the Federal Government in 1986 with the mission to raise money for Australian sport. For over 30 years they have helped clubs like SYC which has translated to invaluable opportunities for SYC Members to participate in yachting at several levels. Through our fundraising partnership with the ASF, donations to the SYC Foundation are tax deductible. This means SYC can raise funds for projects and programs that will develop our sport, increase participation, fund team travel and facilities, fund high performance or create pathways. For more information please visit 

    To visit the ASF terms and conditions please click here

  3. Bequests – A major purpose of the Foundation is to build up, by means of legacies under wills and other fundraising activities, an ever increasing, perpetual and independent capital fund. The income so earned, or capital if so directed, can then be passed on the club on a regular basis to help finance specific activities or capital works.

    The SYC Foundation invites you to further your present interest in the club by including the Foundation among your beneficiaries. A bequest may be made in one or more forms:

  • A Specific Bequest of a fixed sum or of shares or of property
  • A Residuary Bequest of all or a percentage of your estate after provision for other beneficiaries has been met.
  • A Contingent Bequest to take effect only in the event that the primary beneficiaries under the Will predecease you or upon the death of specific beneficiaries.

    Any of the foregoing bequests may be either “restricted” or “unrestricted”. From the Club’s point view “unrestricted” bequests are very valuable because they may be applied as necessary to meet any of a range of needs which may apply at a specific time. On the other hand, you may wish your gift to be applied in perpetuity for a specific purpose.

    We would be grateful if you would, in confidence, let the Foundation know your intentions. Alternatively, if you should wish to discuss the matter further, in strictest confidence, and without obligations, with a Trustee of the Foundation, please see the list of contacts below.

The trustees of the Foundation comprise a range of well respected, long standing SYC Members comprising Past Commodores, Life Members and passionate SYC Members including:

  • Ashley Trebilcock (Chairman)
  • Philip Burn
  • Bruce Humphries
  • Luke Reinehr
  • Rob Davis
  • George Shaw
  • Graeme Watt

SYC Foundation Rules The SYC Foundation is a separate entity from the Sandringham Yacht Club and it operates under its own sets of rules. To view the rules of the Foundation click here

For more information please contact any of the above trustees and or Helen Tetlow (Finance & Admin Manager) or Richard Hewett (CEO);

Sandringham Yacht Club Foundation Inc
11 Jetty Road, Sandringham VIC 3191
(03) 9599 0999 / [email protected]