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Keelboat Courses

The National Keelboat Program is an exciting development.  It provides a fun and accessible entry into sailing and gives participants further opportunity to improve and develop sailing skills and techniques.

The courses will equip you with the essentials required to safely sail a small boat.  As your skills progress, you will also develop an understanding of each person’s role and how teamwork plays a major part of being an effective crew.

Start Sailing

An introduction to the basics of sailing on a small boat, including boat handling, safety and sailing theory.

Better Sailing

This Course is designed to improve your sailing skills by building on your practical and theory knowledge.


And when you’re ready to start racing…..

Discover Racing

A one off racing experience that is sure to wet your appetite.

Start Racing

This Course teaches the basic racing rules and manoeuvres and gain an understanding of what is expected of a racing crew on a small boat.

Start Spinnakers

This course aims to give participants a thorough grounding in using asymmetrical and symetrical spinnakers.

Or if you’ll like to go Cruising…..

Prepare to Charter – 2 Days

If you are planning a charter holiday then this course is a must.

Dates on application


This is an ideal course for those who have completed a class room Coastal Navigation course and who desire to put those principles in practice under the helpful guidance of a qualified instructor.

14, 15 January    29, 30 April    13, 14 May    17, 18 June    9, 10 December

Coastal Navigation – 2 Days

An entry level navigation course designed to give you a firm foundation in practical navigation and seamanship.

18, 19 February    22, 23 July    21, 22 October

RYA Day Skipper Theory Bridging

This course is only available to those who have completed the Coastal Navigation course.

4, 5 March exam 9 March    29, 30 July exam 2 August    28, 29 October exam 1 November

RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Theory – 5 Days

This is an advanced navigation course for those who wish to take the Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate.

26 – 30 January    20 – 24 February    10 – 14 March    13 – 17 April    21 – 25 April    22 – 26 May    9 – 13 June    25 -29 August    29 September – 3 October    3 – 7 November    20 – 24 November    27 November – 1 December

YA Safety & Sea Survival Course – 2 Days and 1 Day Refresher

This course is essential for anyone taking to the seas, whether on a motor or sailing vessel.

6, 7 May    18, 19 November

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)