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Where we are

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You can’t miss us, we’re the large building at the very end of Jetty Road in Sandringham

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Sandringham Yacht Club can be an extremely busy place.  Depending on the time of day and day of the week SYC may open the inner portion of the car park offering 79 car parks.  Every week is different down at the club and as such we cannot guarantee when this will be open. Typically it is the quieter days of week which are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday PM, Thursday AM and Friday AM.

On Saturday and Sunday, Management will decide on a case by case basis.

There are a number of council carparks along Jetty road ($5.70 per hour or $17.50 per day) or the cheaper option is to park on the other side of Beach road in Georgiana street which is free.


Course locations

Off the Beach Centre

  • Tackers Courses
  • Youth Dinghy Courses
  • Adult Dinghy Courses

Boating office

  • Keelboat Courses

Ken King Centre

  • Keelboat Courses

Training Auditorium

  • Keelboat Courses
  • Powerboat Courses
  • Marine Radio Courses
  • Diesel Engine Courses
  • Bareboat Cruising Courses