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Recreational Boating


david mccutcheon

Club Captain
Recreational Boating

Recreational boating is all about people enjoying on water activities with their boats in a less competitive, more social, family environment. Recreational boating events are open to all kinds of boats, power or yacht, large or small.   As well as the on water activities, we also have some great land based activities throughout the year. 

Recreational Boating is committed to education and safety as part of our charter.  Every second month we hold guest speaker evenings on a variety of interesting and informative topics – navigation, debriefs of cruises in company, fishing hints and tips, radio techniques, marine diesel maintenance, and many other topics.

Activities organised by the Recreational Boating Committee are for all members and their sailing friends. The aim of these events is to encourage participation in events, to share interesting and educational boating information as well as giving Club members more opportunities to meet other members and use the facilities of the Club.

Events ranging from fishing competitions, Christmas parties to winery tours, presentation events or be it cruising around Port Phillip, taking in the city views of Melbourne and watch the winter fireworks, venture to indulge in the sort of camaraderie that the SYC Recreational Boating community have to offer.