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SYC is committed to offering accessible car parking facilities for the convenience of our members, visitors and staff (subject to availability).

SYC has 237 car park spaces onsite – 47 in the undercroft and a further 190 in the open air car park.  The car park is structured with boom gates, bollards, electronic access and monitoring and CCTV surveillance.

Members in an eligible membership category are allocated a car parking sticker which needs to be displayed when entering the car park. Additionally those members will need to impress their electronic Clubkey on the electronic key reader at the boom gate as this will physically grant access to the car park.

Car parking is a privilege for those membership categories that pay for the benefit.  For members that wish to upgrade so you are granted car parking privileges then please contact the office and we can arrange this for you without delay.


Members in an eligible membership category shall be entitled to a Club Parking Permit which shall be valid for the current membership year. Vehicles shall only be parked in those areas marked with lines for vehicle parking.

Members shall not park illegally in an unauthorised, reserved or disabled car park. Any vehicles parked in an unauthorised area and obstruct general access may have their car removed by any forceful means necessary (emergency service providers including fire trucks, police and ambulances will have to be given access) and any costs or damage incurred in doing so will be borne by the illegally parked vehicle’s owner.

Members shall not knowingly let others without car parking privilege tailgate them through any Club gates or by handing or lending keys or stickers to grant them unauthorised access. Members who provide unauthorised access may have their key disabled at the discretion of the Management.

Event and Restaurant Parking

Depending on the time of day and day of the week SYC may open the inner portion of the car park offering 79 car parks.

Every week is different down at SYC and as such we cannot guarantee when this will be open. Typically it is the quieter days of week which are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday PM, Thursday AM and Friday AM.

On Saturday and Sunday, Management will decide on a case by case basis.


There is no parking allowed inside the boat yard. Vehicles are permitted, in consultation with the marina and yard staff, to drop off or pick up necessary items to carry out their tasks. Otherwise contractors are to park in the SYC car park or should that be full, park outside of SYC.

Car Parking Conditions for Vehicles

All vehicles are parked at the owners’ own risk. SYC will not accept liability for any damage to, or loss of property from, any vehicle parked in the car parks or for personal injuries incurred by users of the car park.  

  • All users of the car parking facilities at SYC must ensure they drive safely, considerately and in accordance with the law and all signage displayed on site.
  • Park only in designated car parking spaces.
  • Obey the rules for parking that are displayed in car park and at the entrance to car park.
  • Accept that the rules for use of car parks apply to all users and that violations may attract penalties.
  • Follow any reasonable directions given by car park staff.
  • Accept responsibility for the security of their vehicle and any possessions left in it while parked at SYC.
  • Please notify reception or Manager on Duty if an incident occurs.

Disabled Parking

SYC has four designated disabled bays. Two located at the main entrance to the Clubhouse and two located at either end of the undercroft.  Vehicles must display a valid Blue Disabled Permit to park in these designated disabled bays.

Bayside Council Parking

Jetty Road provides Council [ticketed: 8.00am-8.00pm, $6.00 per hour, $18.00 daily] parking areas.