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SYC recognises there are health and safety risks inherent in the range of activities that the Club undertakes. To that end we do a wide range of things to reduce the risk associated with those activities and make the Club a safer place for all stakeholders.

For our on-water activities we have a range of safety plans for each of our boating divisions, namely keelboat, off the beach and recreational boating. These also include safety related procedures. We also have a range of safety related policies that guides decision making including the decision to race itself. These policies live in our by-laws and also relate to the usage of life jackets, marine radio, inclement weather and child safety.

We are committed to complying with our safety obligations and to providing the necessary resources to establish and maintain a safe club for members, members guests, visitors, employees and contractors.

Code of Conduct
Our commitment to safety is embedded in our culture and is clearly set out in our code of conduct. There are many users of the SYC facility and all stakeholders of SYC have a duty to ensure that they cause no adverse impact on any of their fellow users as a result of their actions at SYC or in the wider environment. We encourage each other to behave in a manner that facilitates, enhances and ensures the health, safety and comfort of staff employed at SYC. We also prohibit conduct that both breaches accepted standards of public behaviour and jeopardises the health and safety of Members, Staff, Stakeholders and Visitors;

If you have been involved in an incident on-site at SYC you can download our incident report form. If you need assistance filling it in please reach out to the staff.

Safe Transport Victoria
Provide great online safety resources for boat owners – these can all be accessed by clicking here

SYC has 3 Onsite Defibrillators 

  • Members Bar & Bistro: Eastern room / wall mounted / grab and run
  • Ken King: Wall mounted next to noticeboard / grab and run
  • Main Office: Wall mounted / access via reception & boating / grab and run. This defib is also taken out on our rescue rhib during club racing so please be mindful if it is a race day.

SYC On-Water Emergency Reference Card for SYC Boat Ownersclick here to download
A one page guide to assist those onboard in the event of an emergency including incidents, person overboard and radio distress messaging