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Kids Learn to Sail

Tackers 2

Have you completed Tackers 1?

Enrolment into Tackers 2 requires the completion of Tackers 1.

This course is designed to consolidate the experience and knowledge gained in ‘Tackers 1’. New skills and knowledge are introduced that will enable the successful participant to safely and competently sail a dinghy in controlled conditions independently.

Our Tackers Courses are priced between $270 and $385pp and we do offer a member discount. If you would like to be notified when course dates are confirmed please email [email protected]

Click here for session times and dates

Sailors Competencies

When I’m on the water I can……

  • Sail by myself in most conditions
  • Identify dangerous situations in and around the marina
  • Sit on the side of my boat and face my sail
  • Sail without kneeling
  • Steer and control my sail at the same time
  • Tack my boat facing forward and changing my hands behind my back
  • Reach around a sausage course
  • Know where to have my sail set for all points of sailing
  • Steer using my tiller extension when I’m paddling or being towed
  • Get out of the ‘No Go Zone’

And when I’m on shore I can……

  • Name the main ‘points’ of sailing
  • Name the all of the parts of my boat
  • Tie a ‘bowline’ and a ‘reef’ knot
  • Use aids to determine the wind direction and strength
  • Rig and derig my boat with assistance