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Adult Learn to Sail

Start Sailing

This Course is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to Dinghy sailing for complete beginners. The Course includes an introduction to fundamental boat handling skills and essential safety knowledge.

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Sailors Competencies

When I’m on the water I can……

  • Leave and return back to the beach
  • Avoid other boats
  • Recognise and get out of the ‘no go zone’
  • Reach around a figure of 8 and sausage courses
  • Right a capsized boat
  • Recover crew in a ‘man over board’ situation
  • Stop the boat and get it going again
  • Identify dangerous situations in and around the marina
  • Sit on the side of the boat and face the sail
  • Sail without kneeling
  • Steer and control the mainsail at the same time
  • Tack facing forward and changing my hands behind my back
  • Know where to have the sails set for all points of sailing

And when I’m on shore I can……

  • Dress for the conditions including the right PFD, sunscreen, hat and footwear
  • Name the main parts of the boat
  • Tie a ‘figure of 8’, ‘bowline’ and a ‘reef’ knot
  • Respect the boats that I’m using
  • Name the main ‘points’ of sailing
  • Use aids to determine the wind direction and strength
  • Rig and derig a boat with assistance