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Prospective Buyers of Boats at SYC

Good luck with your prospective purchase of a boat at SYC – if you are considering purchasing a boat that is currently stored at SYC, and you would like to keep the boat at SYC once you have purchased it, then please ensure you are aware of the Club requirements to do so. Please also note that the seller is not in a position to include or infer the marina berth will be granted as part of the sale (nor is any broker) – the decision to keep your boat at SYC rests solely with the Club. 

These are the requirements:

Please be mindful of this when discussing a sale (the buyer hopefully discloses this to you).

Each new prospective tenant upon application will receive a friendly phone call – and we will canvas your intention to participate. If you want to get involved that’s great, we will help you integrate into club life. If you don’t, then we won’t be able to accommodate you. Whilst our occupancy is high, we will always do our best to find room for boats that are keen to race and get involved in Club events.  There is a steady flow of boat movements, both in and out, so don’t assume we are full – we are always looking for active boat owners to come to SYC.

If SYC does have room and agree that the boat can stay at SYC, there is every chance you will be offered an alternate berth (not necessarily the berth the boat currently occupies). We have a long list of loyal members who are looking for better positions in the marina and they will be prioritised

If you have any queries please reach out to the marina admin team 9599 0999.