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Sandringham Harbour Plan


September 2023

Sandringham Harbour is not only our backyard but it is also one of the iconic yachting and boating destinations within Port Phillip.  To ensure that it continues be a safe and efficient maritime precinct for many more years to come, Parks Victoria has developed a Maritime Precinct Plan for Sandringham Harbour.

The plan was released on 20 October 2022 – TO DOWNLOAD THE PLAN CLICK HERE

To monitor progress, Parks Victoria have set up a dedicated web page which provides the most up to date public information about the project. You can visit the webpage via this link

November 2023

Hampton Pier Removal
Parks Victoria have confirmed works to remove Hampton Pier are commencing next week beginning 20 Nov 2023. Please be aware of some key details concerning on-water access during the works. 

  • An exclusion zone will be in place – more info including a map below
  • Throughout the works the contractor will be utilising a barge to transport materials in and out of the site (map below). The barge is expected to be berthed in the Exclusion Zone during working hours, with the exception of when trips to shore are required. The barges overnight berthing location will change depending on tides and the progression of works, however the contractor is to ensure there is minimal impediment of access for other vessels by mooring it in or as close to the Exclusion Zone as practical.

Changes to Sandringham Harbour swing mooring ground

The current swing moorings are also being consolidated (which will further improve the eastern channel). You may have already noticed those outlying on the north west have been moved (a great outcome). The existing mooring tackle will also be replaced with environmentally friendly moorings which are designed to avoid scraping and scouring the Harbour environment and seagrass habitat. The mooring improvements will also be undertaken in November / December 2023, and we look forward to these improved outcomes – please direct any questions about moorings to [email protected].

On behalf of all SYC members we commend Parks Victoria on their great work in putting together the plan.