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Sandringham Harbour Plan


Sandringham Harbour is not only our backyard but it is also one of the iconic yachting and boating destinations within Port Phillip.  To ensure that it continues be a safe and efficient maritime precinct for many more years to come, Parks Victoria has developed a Maritime Precinct Plan for Sandringham Harbour.

The plan was released on 20 October 2022 – TO DOWNLOAD THE PLAN CLICK HERE

To monitor progress, Parks Victoria have set up a dedicated web page which provides the most up to date public information about the project. You can visit the webpage via this link

Parks Victoria successfully removed the Hampton Pier in late 2023. The swing mooring ground was also consolidated around the same time further improving the eastern channel.  ANy questions related to the moorings are best addressed to: [email protected].

On behalf of all SYC members we commend Parks Victoria on their great work in putting together the plan.