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Symmetric Spinnaker

Symmetric Spinnaker Keelboat

Our Symmetric Spinnaker course is designed to introduce you to the use and trimming of Symmetric Spinnakers on Keelboats.

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6 hours. (1 x 6 hr day). A makeup date is also scheduled in the event of bad weather.


Basic level understanding of hoisting, trimming, gybing and dropping symmetric spinnakers.


It is assumed that you have some sailing experience and more than likely will have done Start Sailing and preferably Better Sailing or equivalent.

Who should do this course?

Those wishing to further develop their symmetric spinnaker skills.

Symmetric Spinnaker Syllabus

1. Hoisting

  • Can rig sheets, braces, halyards and control lines (tweakers)
  • Can set up the pole
  • Knows the correct pre hoist procedure for attaching spinnaker
  • Can hoist efficiently

2. Trimming

  • Understands the importance of correct pole position and height on all relevant points of sail
  • Use of sheet/control lines on all relevant points of sail

3. Gybing

  • Knows the correct procedure for end-for-end gybing

4. Dropping

  • Can set up a headsail prior to dropping spinnaker
  • Understands different drop techniques e.g. hatch, windward, leeward
  • Can stow spinnaker gear efficiently after drop