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Adult Learn to Sail

Better Sailing

This course is designed to consolidate the experience and knowledge gained in ‘Start Sailing’. Skills and knowledge are introduced that will enable the successful participant to safely and competently sail a dinghy in controlled conditions independently.

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Sailors Competencies

When I’m on the water I can……

  • Sail a windward / leeward course
  • Perform a 360 degree turn
  • Use the tiller extension
  • Sail a ‘close hauled’ course without assistance
  • Identify gusts on the water
  • Come alongside a stationary object and stop
  • Raise the centreboard downwind
  • Understand tell tails and adjust the sails accordingly
  • Adjust body weight to trim the boat

And when I’m on shore I can……

  • Name the all of the parts of the boat
  • Rig and derig a boat from scratch
  • Know where to source weather forecasts
  • Tie a ‘round turn and two half hitches’