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If you would like to advertise your business or service, why not direct it to the nearly 2,700 members plus the countless associates, guests, sponsors and stakeholders that SYC has exclusive access to.

SYC has three advertising mediums available to you:

  1. Buzzers (month by month basis)
  2. Club Diary (released in October annually)
  3. Off the Wind (released in July annually)


Meal Buzzers

A very unique and highly visible advertising opportunity is on our Members’ Bar “meal buzzers/pagers” for $250 (plus GST) per month.

The average meals per day is 100 – 150, which equates to 30 buzzers being used on an average lunch or dinner time. (people sometimes order as a table, therefore only one buzzer is used).

All that is required is for you to produce ‘an ad’ to the specs (4.5cm high x 9cm wide) and provide us with 40 copies and we will insert for you! 

The image illustrates what the buzzers look like with advertising.

Club Diary

SYC produces a Club Diary every year which is given to each member of the club in October and every new member as they join throughout the year. 

The diary includes the sailing calendar and events for the year, a complete member listing and a Registered Contractors and Tenant listing plus more. 

Within the diary is advertising space where you are more than welcome to advertise in full colour.

Please find the 2018/19 rate card here. (the 2019 rate card will be released in July 2019)



Off the Wind

SYC’s official and annual journal, released in July, is published in high gloss and is perfect bound, it is reflective of the exclusivity of the Club and the marquee brands of our clients.

Off the Wind delivers the latest, most relevant information on race results, events, membership, sailing equipment and general club life updates.

View the 2018 edition of Off the Wind

View the 2018 media kit (the 2019 media kit will be released in February 2019)