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One Design


J24 One Design Racing

A J24 defines affordable keelboat fun and magic.  There are over 5,500 boats worldwide making it the biggest keelboat class ever and are sailed in over thirty countries.  We at SYC are proud to say that we have almost 20 of these incredible vessels and that they are arguably the most active class on Port Phillip Bay.

The J24 calendar offers up a winter and a summer series, with a two months gap in between, providing 34 race days to the 100 plus members of The J24 Association of Victoria.  Obviously, skippers and crew are free to sail at their own pace but we have a very active racing program with a high number of competitors on race days.  The One Design Sprints, as they are referred to, are action packed, and are very, very close and are indeed all that one could wish for in any form of racing.  The format is a windward leeward racecourse, each race taking thirty to forty minutes to complete.  Three or even four races are usually achieved on each of the Sunday mornings, which is the favoured race day.  The J24 fleet at SYC also hosts the Victorian State Titles every year and the Australian Championships every third year.

Finally, the people.  The owners and crews are a breed apart.  There’s a sense of kinship and belong, of embracing and inclusion rarely found in other keelboats classes. Go anywhere in the world and tell them you are a J24 sailor and you will be greeted with open arms – it’s the badge of a very special club.  For more details about the history of the J24 and also for the general presence of the J24 in the world of sailing please go to

Crewing on a J24 in Sprint racing can test your physical and mental stamina, make no mistake, you need to be fit and at the top of your game…and just a little bit tough.  If breaking out the G&Ts at the top mark is your idea of sailing then our Thursday night racing is for you, here is where we introduce new members, new sailors and new fun to so many people.  It is the perfect mix of fun and competition. 

Meantime, don’t be shy and don’t be a stranger.  If are you are interested in owning or crewing a J24 please contact Sail Committee member and J24 owner, John Neville on 0407 858 335.





Please note that as part of SYC’s focus on safety, an annual Man Overboard drill is required along with an associated declaration and crew register. This is required to be lodged in October and remains current for 13 months. Failure to lodge this declaration may result in your result not being scored.