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Boat Safety & Audits

The SYC boat safety and audits compliance requirements are set by Australian Sailing (AS) in the “Racing Rules of Sailing” (Blue Book), together with any updates available on the AS website. Some races run by the SYC are considered “plus”, which means there may be some additional items needed. These are all clearly laid out in the Notice of Race. For people new to SYC Club Racing the Special Regulations can appear overwhelming, but there is plenty of assistance and advice available to owners via the SYC Website. For owners renewing, the process should be a lot easier the second time.

A safety audit is an inspection conducted by an accredited National Equipment Auditor (NEA) who represents SYC.  This must be done prior to competing in any SYC club racing. It does not remove or replace the owner’s ultimate responsibility for safety, nor does it cover crew training/experience or an assessment of hull structure, stability or integrity. The audit is simply an independent assessment that the owner has complied with Yachting Australia Special Regulations and it is valid until the end of June each year. For that reason the owner must self-audit prior to each race to ensure compliance.

SYC Auditors

Auditors Accredited to Auditors Accredited to
Andrew Lee Cat 3 – Cat 7 James Sly Cat 3 – Cat 7
Andrew Warner Cat 3 – Cat 7 Jason Harrigan Cat 3 – Cat 7
Bruce Reidy Cat 3 – Cat 7 Lowa Paszko Cat 3 – Cat 7
Clay Williams Cat 3 – Cat 7 Marrissa McManus Cat 1 – Cat 7
Garry McCarten Cat 3 – Cat 7 Michael Blair Cat 1 – Cat 7
Graeme Mills Cat 3 – Cat 7