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OutThere Sailing

Youth Squad

Enrolment into Youth Squad requires the competency of OutThere 3 and a Youth Club Membership (Membership is only $99/year). If you would like to do OutThere Squad are not yet a member, please submit a membership application and email [email protected] to receive the member prices.

OutThere Squad is a youth program for experienced teens to continue enjoying sailing and further explore their interests as a group. Programs will be tailored to the interests of each group and the specialty of the instructor. Keelboat racing, cruising, dinghy sailing and power boating are all directions OutThere Squad may take.

The program also focuses on helping participants to see where they could take their interests further inside the club such as:

  • Instructing
  • Volunteering
  • Racing
  • Cruising
  • Power Boating
Click here for session times and dates