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Keelboat Learn to Sail, Discover Sailing

Discover Sailing at SYC

SYC is the premier keelboat Club in Victoria, offering sailors world class facilities and racing in formats to suit all levels of competition. The sailing calendar includes racing such as regular laid and fixed mark courses, long distance races, two handed races, one design races and social racing during “Thursday Twilight” races in summer – all welcome, no experience necessary.

Racing is conducted in Winter and Summer seasons on the following days:



  • Wednesday (Wednesday Wonders from 13:30)
  • Thursday Twilight (daylight savings from 18:15)
  • Saturday (including interclub ‘Range Series’ from 11:30)
  • Sunday (Sunday Sailors from 09:30)
  • Sunday Women in Sailing Challenge (from 10:30)


  • Wednesday (Wednesday Wonders from 13:30)
  • Saturday (Winter aggregate from 13:30)
  • Sunday (Sunday sailors winter series from 09:30)


Throughout the year forums and seminars are conducted to assist members to share, improve their knowledge and skills.