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Crew Register

At Sandringham Yacht Club we enjoy seeing people experiencing the excitement and endless opportunities that sailing has to offer.  We have developed an on-line system that matches people with boats as quickly and as easily as possible.  If you would like the opportunity to sail with one of our members, it’s as simple as completing the Crew Register below.

Don’t be concerned if you believe you haven’t got the right skills or knowledge to go sailing.  That’s a great thing about sailing, you can learn along the way with the guidance and mentoring of the boat owner and their crew.

There are specific courses if you would like to fast track your learning through the SYC Boating Academy.  It’s up to you on how quickly you wish to advance.

If you’re not already a SYC member you are required to purchase a Day Pass on the days you come down.  At only $15* it makes a cheap day out.

If you have any crewing enquiries please contact the Boating Department on 9599 0922.

*$15 per day for the first 6 days, $35 per day for the next 6.