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Race Management


Volunteers are essential to SYC.  Volunteers fulfill a wide range of roles both on and off the water at SYC to help make the sport fun, safe, accessible and affordable for people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. Without the tremendous contribution from people generously donating their time, from General Committee, to any of our nine sub-committees, to the extended race management and support teams throughout the boating community at SYC, to social event volunteers, to the entourages of ‘tour guides’ welcoming our new [and potential] members around and to the never-ending list of members who continue to assist the Club…whether it be on a boat, in the garden, with our history, our recent Club Marine SYC Centenary Trophy Regatta and upcoming Opening Day our or countless honorary advisory capacities – we could not function without volunteers.

People volunteer for many different reasons, but overwhelmingly the reward comes through making a positive difference in the community, facing new challenges, meeting new people and finding broader horizons.  Whether you be a current member, looking to become a member or a non-member, please contact us to discuss your interest in volunteering at this great Club of ours.