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Sail Pass Membership

want to go sailing – affordable daily race day access

Like all sporting clubs, there are fees associated with regular usage of that facility and enjoying the services it provides. At SYC we make it easy and affordable for potential new members to try out sailing and our facilities without having to immediately subscribe to annual membership.

The Club provides a ‘Sail Pass Membership’ at a minimal cost. This enables you to sail at the Club and to then use the clubhouse facilities post-race. The ‘Sail Pass Membership’ allows you to do this up to 30 times before you need to subscribe to annual membership. What’s even better, any money you spend on the Sail Pass Membership will reduce your nomination fee when you do switch over to annual membership.

SAIL Pass Membership at SYC works like this;

Once you have sailed 30 times, you then need to become an annual member. Money spent (up to $300) on the Sail Pass will be used to reduce any nomination fee when you upgrade to annual membership.

The benefits of SAIL Pass Membership

  • You get to go sailing – an amazingly fun and adventurous activity – at super low cost!

  • You get access to our amazing Club for the day 
  • You get to go the bar after the race – and pay Member prices!
  • Via our Memberpoint app – you can register your details into our crew register and skippers can find you via our app!
  • Also via our app, as a Sail Pass member you will have a login and you can find a skipper!!
  • You get Australian Sailing personal accident insurance for the day
  • Your Sail pass membership also enables your skipper to sign you on as a “PERSON ONBOARD”

  • You get an Australian Sailing number for the day (necessary for all who race)


Valid for 30 sails within 2 years at $15 per sail (except Thursday Twilight Sailing – this is free of charge, but you still register your sail pass via memberpoint). 

Please note – it is mandatory that all who sail out of SYC have either a Sail Pass, Season Pass or are a current annual member.

Sail Pass Memberships are available via Memberpoint or direct from the Boating Office on race day – it’s quick, easy and more affordable than participating in just about any other sport.

For more info please ring our boating office on 9599 0922


Further details and process for issuing Sail Pass Membership is laid out in the Sandringham Yacht Club By-Laws and the Sandringham Yacht Club Constitution.