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Marina Seabed Depths

The seabed depths throughout the SYC marina vary. To view the Jan 2021 survey showing seabed depths in the SYC marina click here  

It is very important to work with the authorities when dredging works are underway. 

11 August 2022 dredging update

Dredging is underway at the end of the Sandringham Breakwater with the team from Birdon Marine working around the clock when the weather has permitted.

For all those heading out over the next week or two, please be aware that the starboard lateral buoy which is normally positioned at the end of the breakwater has been temporarily removed. All vessel operators are encouraged to keep a wide berth when passing the end of the breakwater, particularly at night as there is no working navigational light in this area. A notice to mariners has been issued which can be viewed below or by clicking here.

Whilst the dredging is taking place, an exclusion zone will be implemented for all keelboat race days to keep the fleet away from any dredging operations. This exclusion zone will be designated as an obstruction and all sailors are advised to familiarise themselves with the notice to competitors which has been issued for this – this can be read below or by clicking here.

28 July 2022 Dredging – Western Entry to the SYC Marina

Maintenance dredging is being conducted at Sandringham Breakwater as part of Parks Victoria’s program to ensure safe boating access at key sites within Port Phillip and Western Port. The dredging area will be around the northern tip of the breakwater and western entry vicinity of the marina.

Download the Community Update issued by Parks Victoria – CLICK HERE 

What is taking place?
A cutter suction dredge will remove sand from the tip of the breakwater and transfer it to Hampton Beach. The dredged sand will be transported from the dredge to the beach via a pipeline. All boat owners will need to be wary of and traverse around floating pipelines. There will also be submerged pipelines while the dredge and support vessels are present in the harbour. 

Can I still exit and enter the marina?
The marina entry will remain open while dredging takes place along the breakwater. Entry to the marina may be temporarily restricted from time to time to ensure safe operation of the dredging equipment when working around and near the end of the breakwater.

Can I still use my boat in the harbour during the dredging?
Access to the harbour will not change during these works. Mariners are reminded to obey speed limits, proceed with caution, and be aware of floating or submerged pipelines while the dredge and support vessels are present in the harbour.

When encountering the dredge, vessel operators should always pass on the non-obstruction side of the dredge.

The safe side of passage is indicated by a double black diamond day shape on the vessel.
A double black ball day shape indicates the obstruction side to avoid.

The top black ball – black diamond – black ball day shape indicates the vessel is restricted in its ability to maneuver.

What is the likely duration of these works?
These works may take 2 – 3 weeks depending on weather.

Further information
Updates can be found on the Parks Victoria website at:
For further queries, please contact the Parks Victoria information centre on 13 1963 or email the Parks Victoria maintenance dredging team at [email protected]
A Notice to Mariners has been issued, which is available for viewing by clicking here.