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Junior and Youth Development Squad

Sandringham Yacht Club invites you to participate in the Junior and Youth Development & Coaching Program for the 2019-2020 Season.

This program is generously subsidised by the Yacht Club and is offered to all members at a very reasonable cost. Participation in Club racing is extremely important and as a squad member, you are expected to participate in Club racing once you reach an appropriate level of skill, in order to ensure your ongoing inclusion in the squad.

We would like to encourage all SYC junior sailors to take up this terrific opportunity, which is open to all supported SYC OTB classes.


Times and Dates: Coaching sessions will typically take place on a weekly basis as set out in the schedules. Regular coaching will take place on Sunday mornings for Cadet and Optimist Sailors, and will include the Friday Twilight racing for all junior sailors enrolled in the JDS and YDS Optimist, Cadet and Laser programs. Sailors in the Laser program will have the choice of training days.

First years skippers will be encouraged to join the Green Fleet program. Green Fleet is the entry level Off-The-Beach (OTB) club coaching and introductory race program for young sailors who have successfully completed Tackers Squad Sailing Course or have been assessed by the Junior Development Squad Co-ordinator as sufficiently competent, and who wish to further advance their sailing to competition level.

We will also have a coach on Friday night Twilight racing to assist our first-year skippers to progress to racing.

Sailors Will HAVE THE FIRST Half an hour to rig and get changed. Each session will start half an hour after the stated session start time! Please do not be late to your sessions!


  • Completed enrollment form and payment of fees

  • A seaworthy boat* & appropriate clothing & safety gear. Including sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, sailing shoes or boots and your lifejacket.

  • A notebook & pen for onshore coaching, rules discussions etc.

  • A real desire to improve your sailing skills and have fun doing it!

  • IMPORTANT: Be rigged and ready by commencement time of each session.

  • Paid up SYC member.


Junior and youth development squad classes