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International Cadet


International Cadet

An International Cadet is an international recognised junior double handed boat. The Cadet can also be sailed at varying abilities from beginner level to World Championship level. A Cadet is a good example of how children can be taught by their peers – a uniqueness of the class is that a younger sailor is generally the crew and an older more experienced sailor is the skipper. There are 42 registered boats in Victoria and 85 registered in Australia.

Recommended skipper weight : 40 – 55 kgs

Recommended skipper height : < 170 cms

Recommended crew weight : 30 – 45 kgs

Recommended crew height : < 150 cms

Recommended combined weight : 70 – 100 kgs

Class association website : 6th Fleet


David Suda 0412 123 456

Click here for the Junior Development Squad coaching programs:

International Cadet Crew 

International Cadet Skipper