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Adult Learn to Sail

Adult Dinghy Courses

Sailing a Dinghy is fun and exhilarating and this program has been developed to provide a safe, informative introduction. If your aim is to confidently control your own small boat, this is the place to start.

Starting with the essential skills and safe practice, more advanced skills and techniques are gradually introduced as students progress through the syllabus so that by the end they will be ready to start racing or just enjoy being out on the water.

Start Sailing 1

This course is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to Dinghy sailing for complete beginners. The course includes an introduction to fundamental boat handling skills and essential safety knowledge.

Start Sailing 2

This course is designed to build upon the skills learnt in start sailing 1.

Better Sailing

This course is designed to equip the sailor with enhanced skills and awareness of the surrounding environment. It builds on the skills and knowledge gained in the Start Sailing Course and will enable you to manoeuvre the boat efficiently in light to moderate conditions on all points of sailing.

Start Racing

The aim of this course is to introduce Dinghy sailors to competitive sailing. The course focuses on refining enhanced boat handling skills including speed control and manoeuvres. Introducing basic racing tactics and strategies.