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Fishing Competition


Whether it’s very calming and relaxing to just be out there on the Bay doing nothing but waiting and contemplating nature’s beauty, there’s nothing like picking a piece of water, reading it well, choosing your gear, fishing it as you want to fish it….. and hook yourself a BEWDY!

That’s right folks, the SYC Recreational Boating Annual Fishing Competition is on 11am Friday 17 November until 11am Sunday 19 November! That’s right you can fish anytime between this period, enabling greater participation and providing a better opportunity of success with weather and tidal changes.  It’s a family activity, so bring the kids and enjoy some special quality time bonding in Mother Nature’s best!

Please be aware that there will be sign on requirements. This will be confirming your crew prior to the event, as well as sending a text message to a designated number at time of departure with the vessel name, number of persons on board (and any changes noted), and your estimated time of return. You will also need to include where you intend on travelling to in Port Phillip – this number will be provided to entrants closer to the event

  • Entry is open to all SYC members + guests and is open to all ages
  • Participants are able to fish between 11am Friday 17 November until 11am on Sunday 19 November. 
  • There will be three weigh in times available 11am Saturday, 4pm Saturday and 11am Sunday.
    Each weigh in time will be open for 30 minutes.

2023 Fishing Competition Report