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SYC Cup NavRally

Every year the SYC Cup Nav Rally is where Sandringham Yacht Club invites other Clubs to compete in a Navigation Rally for the coveted SYC Cup. 

This event has a long history and both yachts and power boats successfully compete.

The 2020 Cup was won on an SYC yacht ‘Vixen’, captained by life member and well known club identity Phil Strong and navigated by the very accurate Jon Evans..

Over the last 4 years SYC has been successful in retaining the Cup though this has not always been the case, so we do actively aim to retain the Cup within the Club.

There is a Club team component on the day, as the CUB Trophy is taken home by the Club who are most successful across the podium finishing list.

Boats must nominate their boat speed from 5, 6, 7.5, 10 and 12 knots on entry and on the day proceed around the course at their nominated speed passing positions at specified times.  Points are lost for being too early or too late at the various positions on the course. 

The TackTracker system is used to calculate the results.

In 2021 the SYC Cup Nav Rally will be held on Sunday 21 March at 10am.

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