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Sandringham Yacht Club has integrated wide-ranging environmental initiatives in recent years, these include;

Additionally SYC has won & been nominated for several awards centered around our environmental initiatives;

Environmentally Friendly New Clubhouse

Club officials, well-versed on the impact to the environment, selected environmentally friendly building materials, furniture and fit-out, efficient mechanical and air conditioning equipment, low energy lighting, efficient electrical switching systems, sensitive location of building exhausts considering noise and visual amenity, use of non reflecting roofing materials, waste collection and recycling, rainwater collection and re-use and clean storm water using bio retention drainage design for its new premises.

Additionally, SYC has installed a 60,000 litre water tank, 34 site wide water efficient shower heads, implemented the “Hunter Green Chemical Program” together with a site-wide recycling waste removal program with Veolia Environmental Services.

Environmentally Friendly Boat Yard

In March 2003, Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC) brought to completion Stage 1 of the Club’s Facilities Master plan (FMP1) involving the complete modernization of our boat yard including a state of the art underground pollution control system. This project, FMP1, placed us at the forefront of environmentally friendly boat yard management in Australia. The planning of this $4 million dollar modernization project was done in close consultation with the Environment Protection Authority, Parks Victoria, the Department of Natural Resources and the Victorian Coastal Board. Grants were received from Federal and State Governments; Parks Victoria; and the Central Coastal Board. The balance of the funding was met by the members of the club who contributed $3 million dollars to the project.

In January 2004 Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC) was awarded the “Keep Australia Beautiful” Award (clean seas and foreshores category) for our in-ground pollution control system that collects, filters, treats and recycles yard and storm water. Today, our Club is an accepted benchmark in Australia and Internationally as a boating facility with an efficiently developed and managed marina and boat yard maintenance facilities using sustainable environmental management practices as an integral part of its operation.

Site Wide Recycling with Veolia Environmental Services

Veolia is Australia’s environmental services leader in all facets of waste management and resource recovery, as well as Industrial services such as Industrial Cleaning and Facilities Management. Committed to a green environment, SYC is also Veolia’s nominated Clean Up Australia Day site and SYC was also the first club in Victoria to receive National Clean Marina Australia Accreditation.

SYC is Nationally Accredited as a “Clean Marina”

The Clean Marinas Australia Program is a national, voluntary accreditation system for marinas, yacht clubs, boat clubs, slips, boatyards and associated industry operators across Australia. The Clean Marinas Australia Program supports SYC in its endeavors to protect local waters. The Program has valuable environmental practices. SYC was first accredited in 2007 and has been re accredited in 2010, 2016 and in 2019.

The Hunter Green Program

“The Huntergreen program allows SYC to take ownership of the environmental impact of the cleaning chemicals and consumables used on the site. The program aims to utilise the best environmental choice products available including consumables based around degradable garbage bags, microfibre and paper coming from SCA who are acknowledged as industry leaders in terms of carbon footprint and sustainability.” Scott Hunter, Hunter Industrials.