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Safety Manuals


Each year our Club Captains, Sub-Committees, Race Management and the Boating Office team diligently update the safety manuals across our three key activity areas (Keel, Off The Beach and Recreational Boating) so we can all be a safe as possible, when out on the water. If you are not familiar with the manuals, please download (on the right) or grab a copy from the Boating & Marina Office next time you are down.

The Safety Manuals provide assistance to Club members and staff managing races, events and incidents relating to boating safety and emergencies. Incidents covered may involve boating, personal safety, Search and Rescue (SAR) or a combination of all of these.

This Safety Manual is not a substitute for common sense or crisis management. All personnel should read the document as part of their preparation to familiarise themselves with the process of carrying out emergency procedures.