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SYC J70 Sailing Program

Sandringham Yacht Club is launching the SYC J70 Sailing Program in October 2023, available to young member at SYC in the form of social, development and advanced programs. These programs are intended to help SYC achieve three clear objectives:

  1. To attract and retain young members at the club
  2. To develop a group of high quality sailors who can compete nationally and internationally in keelboats
  3. To train young sailors to provide a resource of crew to boat owners

SYC is now inviting its young members to register or apply for one or more of the following programs.

Social program

The Social Program will be offered on weeknights and will primarily be focused on providing social and fun sailing opportunities. This program is not intended as a coaching program, rather a relaxed environment where sailors can mix with each other, enjoy fun activities, sail boats, meet like minded people and have a great time at SYC.

Split into two groups, under 18 and 18+, the social program is open to SYC young members. In the interest of attracting new members to SYC and the SYC J70 Sailing Program, members may bring friends from outside of SYC under the Sail Pass scheme which can be used up to five occasions for this program.

The social program schedule is as follows:

  • Under 18 Social Program – Wednesday from 4.30pm to 7.00pm
  • 18+ Social Program – Friday from 5pm to 7.30pm
  • Thursday Twilight Racing (18+) – the boats will be made available on request.


Development program

The Development Program will provide opportunities for young SYC members to participate in learning and activities based around small keelboats, targeting competent sailors and expanding their skills to create a pool of sailors available to crew on members’ boats. This focus will be introducing young members to the basics of keelboat racing and developing the various skills required to undertake all crewing roles.

Participants of this program must be current SYC members. This program is perfect for those who have minimal keelboat experience and are looking to create pathway opportunities. This program is a great stepping stone into the Advanced Program and for those transitioning out of OTB youth classes or OTB training programs into keelboat sailing.

The Development Program will be sailed on weekends and in small six to seven week training blocks. It is recommended that participants consider partaking in multiple Development Programs.



The Advanced Program will be a comprehensive and advanced sailing program. The course will be structured to help athletes excel in all areas both on and off the water. It will provide an in depth focus on advanced aspects of sailing as members work towards competing on a state, national and international level in due course.

The Advanced Program is available to SYC young members and will be primarily focusing on fleet racing in the J70. It is expected that those participating in the Advanced Program will be fully committed, will represent SYC proudly, both at SYC and abroad, and will assist in giving back to the next generation of up and coming sailors.



For further information or queries, please contact the SYC Boating Office on [email protected] or on 9599 0999.