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Skippers Assistance & Support Program

Are you a new skipper to fleet racing at Sandringham Yacht Club?

Sail Committee is pleased to introduce an Assistance and Support Program for new skippers participating in fleet racing at SYC. Given the variety of race formats we offer, we understand how difficult and daunting it can be for new skippers; many of whom are also new members.

This new initiative will be co-ordinated by a New Skippers Representative (NSR) who is responsible for managing assistance and implementing support to new skippers, helping make their introduction to fleet racing at SYC easier and even more enjoyable. The current NSR is Daniel Edwards.

Daniel is well placed to assist other new skippers, being a relatively new skipper within SYC fleet racing himself, we are confident that his recent “steep learning curve” will be of assistance to other new skippers. One initiative that we have been trialling over the last couple of months has been to arrange experienced skippers/sailors to go out with new skippers for one or more races to provide on-water guidance and advice to help them and their crew.

The feedback we have received has proven to have been of enormous benefit and we are keen to continue this as part of the assistance and support available to new skippers. So if you are a new skipper at SYC, please make contact with Daniel Edwards to discuss what assistance and support is available on 0409 824 667 or [email protected].

We also keen to invite more new skippers to exchange their early experiences with us, which will also influence what assistance and support would be aid for future new skippers’ transitions into life at SYC.

We look forward to members embracing the New Skippers Assistance and Support Program and helping make it a success.