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Keelboat Volunteers


When it comes to Race Management and volunteers, Sandringham Yacht Club believes in keeping with its policy of providing Club members and its visitors the best people for the roles.  There are many duties associated with running event.  Whether you are relatively in-experienced or fully qualified, we would very much like to hear from you.

Various roles are required on a weekly basis;


  • Scribes
  • Flag operators
  • Race Officer
  • Boat Driver
  • Mark Layer
  • Race Results


Additional training, information sessions and seminars are regularly provided throughout the year.

If spending a free morning or afternoon, in good company, performing a highly valued Club service sounds good to you; we want to hear from you!  Perhaps you are between boats, have a passion for sailing, happy to support your partner racing, new to the sport, working towards an accreditation/MPS points or simply interested in learning how yacht racing is conducted.

Please contact the Boating Department today on +61 3 9599 0922 or email [email protected] to see how you can become involved.