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Man Overboard Compliance Declaration 2023-2024 Form

All boats wishing to compete in racing at SYC, must carry out a mandatory Man Overboard (MOB) exercise.
A boat which has not submitted a Man Overboard compliance declaration after 1 September 2023, must lodge this with the SYC Boating Office prior to 31 October 2023 or a boat’s first race of the season, whichever is later. This form is also available on the SYC website at or from the SYC Boating Office.

The names of all the crew members who completed this compulsory MOB exercise shall be listed below. It is recommended, that as new crew join the boat, that they be taken through the vessels’ MOB procedures and/or additional MOB exercises are undertaken.

To assist you with your Man Overboard (MOB) exercise, click here for a copy of section 8 from the Australian Sailing Special Regulations.

Skippers Details

Crew 2

Crew 3

Crew 4

Crew 5

Crew 6

Crew 7

Crew 8

Crew 9

Crew 10

Crew 11

Crew 12

Crew 13

Crew 14

Crew 15



By submitting this form you declare that the crew and yourself (as listed above), have performed the mandatory Man Overboard (MOB) exercise on the dates noted and also understand that this exercise should be regularly practiced and improved.