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Marina Berth Enquiry

Thank you for submitting an online enquiry to rent a berth in the SYC Marina.

Currently our occupancy is high and we may not have immediate availability. That said, vacancies may arise at short notice. So please submit your enquiry and whilst we may not be able to give you an availability date, we will get back in touch to tell you where things are at in a bid to find your vessel a home in the SYC marina.

Please also note Full Membership is a pre-requisite of keeping your vessel at SYC as is participating in Club events. Your participation requirement is not onerous and may include for yacht owners entering our keelboat racing calendar (included as part of your membership) and or for yachts and power boats entering one of our recreational boating events including cruise in companies, raft ups, overnight visits to local marinas and or our annual fishing competition. Our events are fun and a great way to meet like-minded boat owners. 

Thank you for your interest.    


Marina Berth Enquiry

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We’d love to see it so please submit two current photos of your boat.

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If your boat is new and you don’t have photos, upload one from the website of the boat you have purchased.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB

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