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What to bring

In most cases there’s no need to go off and buy a single thing. You’ll most likely have the items already at home. One item you may not have and is highly recommended is a wetsuit. There is a few different styles but the ideal one is called a ‘spring suit’. It has short arms and short legs. These can be found at surf shops and even at Kmart! The price for these range from $15 – $60.

Over the wetsuit, a long sleeved lycra top will keep the sun off. If it gets a little cooler a lightweight rain or spray jacket will keep the wind chill factor down.

Every time your children launch their boats they will be wading in the shallows. For this we insist that they wear firm fitting shoes. An old pair of sneakers will do the job just fine. Crocs are not recommended as the tend to float away!

The club will provide a well fitted lifejacket which is worn at all times whilst on and around the water.

Remember to pack a towel and a change of clothes. There are showers and change rooms on site.

Your Tackers Checklist!

Don’t forget, every time you go sailing with Tackers, to bring the following:

  • Your sailing clothes; bathers, wetsuit, rashie, spray jacket & shoes
  • Hat – beanie to keep you warm or a peaked hat to keep the sun off
  • Sunscreen / zink
  • Drink bottle, lunch & snacks
  • A change of clothes
  • Towel
  • …and loads of energy!