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Cruises in Company


Overview of SYC’s Cruises in Company schedule:

  • Labour Day long weekend in March
  • Dinner & Docklands: just before day light savings ends…
  • Melbourne Cup Long Weekend Cruise in Company

Experience the adventure of cruising with SYC’s Recreational Boating Power and Sail in their Cruises in Company [CIC] events.  Cruises are varied and include four major events scheduled annually with destinations to Geelong, Queenscliff, Docklands and various anchorages through Bass Strait.  Relax and enjoy the experience whilst taking in, the rich, untouched scenery, rugged coastlines and the fresh sea air.

Port Phillip Bay, Port Phillip or you may refer it to as just ‘The Bay’, is the stretch of water that Melburnians use as their playground, it offers a number of challenges inherent with leisure boating at latitude 38 degrees South. Weather systems rolling in from Bass Strait are an obvious challenge in a waterway that is also home to one of the busiest ports in Australia.

Experiencing mother nature’s pure ambiance and spectacular coastal scenery, these cruises are memorable and fantastic opportunities to share with your fellow members. The Bay is home to an abundance of Australian wildelife and if you are lucky enough, you will experience the thrill and excitement of playful dolphins and cheeky Australian Fur seals in their natural habitat, and not to forget all you Bird spotters!  The Bay is also home to over 100 species of Victoria’s remarkable and diverse birdlife, with a special mention to our little aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively to us in the southern hemisphere – Penguins!   There’s a variety of sights to take in and of course, the city views of Melbourne from the water are simply enchanting…. there’s plenty of time for taking photographs!

Recreational Boating Committee invites all SYC members to experience the world’s most beautiful views, unwind in the silence, relax with the gentle glide of the vessel through the water while enjoying the company of your fellow members and experience the warm hospitality of our Kindred Club destinations.


**Don’t forget – you earn 3 points towards your Members Participation Scheme for these events**