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Evening Cruise


Evening Cruise

Dates: POSt Opening Day TBA


  • Marked buoys near SYC and the local area

About this Cruise:

A short evening cruise of between 1 to 2 hours is planned to depart from and return to SYC after navigating around several local marked buoys in the Northern end of the Bay. The aim of this cruise is to practice operating our vessels in the dark and to improve our night time navigation skills.

Does the thought of sailing at night make you nervous? Feedback that we have received about this event suggests that some boat owners have limited experience operating their vessels at night and navigating in the dark. If that somewhat describes you then join us for an informative, fun and helpful evening Cruising in Comfort with others and to experience the fun of sailing at night.

And, if you are an experienced night sailor – please join us anyways, either just to further hone your skills, or to help out by sharing some of your night time sailing experience with our newer sailors.

Our plan is to follow a course around fixed marks to familiarize sailors with identifying and closing on typical navigation points, and then safely and efficiently establishing a course to the next waypoint.

Afterwards we’ll get together for a quick debrief and some refreshments at SYC. Maybe plan to spend the night on your boat to extend that night time cruise feeling.