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SYC Keelboat Sailing


Resort Management (Water Recreation)

The global marine and charter boat industry is continuing to grow and present outstanding career opportunities. Combining the skills and facilities of  Angliss Institute and Sandringham Yacht Club, this exciting program provides students with employment opportunities in marinas, charter yachts, international ‘white boats’ and yacht clubs. The multi-skilling nature of this course is particularly useful in the charter and white boat industry, where crew need to perform several different functions within one role.

Water sports can be one of the biggest drawcards to a resort, and guests just can’t wait to hit that azure blue water as soon as they check in. Students will be trained in conducting the popular water activities of sailing, snorkelling and kayaking. Most of the specialty training is conducted as weekly sessions with our training partners.

For more information on the Diploma of Resort Management delivered by SYCBA and the Angliss Institute please click here.