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Introduction to Nav Rallies Briefing – Monday 15 March 6:30 pm

Friday, 12th March 2021

For those interested in learning what is involved in a Nav Rally a one hour briefing will be held in the Training Auditorium on Monday at 6:30pm. It will cover what is involved in planning and competing in a Nav Rally. The briefing will cover the how to best operate you boat and utilise the navigation equipment on board to maintain a course at a consistent speed. Effectively a nav Rally is a time trial on water. Support will be provided regarding the preparation of running sheets and how to utilise them to your advantage. The aim is to prepare anyone interested to be able to successfully compete in the SYC Cup.

In 2021 the SYC Cup NavRally will be held on Sunday 21 March at 10am.

Click here to register into the SYC Cup NavRally