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Wednesday Wonders Summer Series 2017-18 Race 11 – BoM Changed the forecast, but too late to change the handicaps

Tuesday, 19th December 2017

Bullet bites for Race 11 Summer

  • The handicaps were determined at 10:00
  • The BoM amended the forecast at around 10:45
  • Sandy Capper had never known them to go from 8-12 knts to a strong wind warning.
  • Eleven yachts received increases to their handicaps whilst 28 received decreases;
  • Eleven minutes was added to the handicap of CASSANDRA of MELBOURNE, 13 was deducted from the handicap of ROLLER COASTER;
  • The average handicap fell from 32 minutes in Race10 to 30 minutes in Race 11;
  • Observations at Fawkner recorded a north wind averaging 17 knots for the afternoon;
  • The median start time for the race was 21 seconds;
  • 36 yachts started the race, 4 retired, 32 finished;
  • The 3 winning yachts were all first time podium winners (Sandy Capper was pleased)
  • MAGIC won the race by 26 seconds, THE SECRETARY was 2nd, STAMPEDE was 3rd
  • About 45% of the 6 leg course was downwind;
  • The 36 yacht fleet started the race 57 minutes 24 seconds apart, with 32 yachts finishing 22 minutes 57 seconds apart;
  • At the half way mark the fleet was 25:21 mins apart
  • Average elapsed time 2:00:27;
  • Range of elapsed times was 1:07:49. This was 9 mins 49 secs more than the handicaps range of 58 minutes;
  • Of the 12 early finishers 2 were early starters, 4 from mid fleet and 6 were late starters;
  • After finishing 6th ESPRIT goes to the top of the aggregate equal on points with WHITE POINTER; both yachts gained from the light wind handicaps
  • A gentle reminder about Anchors. They are not permitted to sit out the front of the bow when racing in Wednesday Wonders … Read More