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SYC MEMBER UPDATE: Safety By-Laws, Christmas Trading Hours, Live Entertainment and Holiday Programs

Wednesday, 12th December 2018

Dear Members

It’s a wonderful time of year at SYC with the Club in full swing. Here’s a few timely updates for you starting with some important housekeeping;

Safety By-laws
In accordance with Section 34.3 of the Constitution, I am writing to notify you that a number of amendments have been made by General Committee (GC) to the SYC By-Laws. To enhance safety, as well as comply with new legislation, a number of policies have been introduced focused on keelboat sailing. There is a new section titled “Safety” and it includes the following new or updated policies;

7.3         On Water Risk Management Plan (new policy 23)
7.4         Pre-Race Risk Assessment Checklist (new policy 24)
7.5         Powers of the Sailing Committee and Race Officer (new policy 25)
7.6         Marine VHF Radio (new policy 26)
7.7         Inclement Weather (updated existing policy 21)
7.8         Life Jackets (new policy 27)
7.9         On Water Support (updated existing policy 20)

On the back of the recent internal review into our on-water activities, these are the first in a series of measured safety improvements in a bid to operate more safely. To view the updated By-Laws please click here  There are further imminent announcements related to on-water support improving our rescue capability and as we finalise these, and await the arrival of a new vessel, these will likely be coming your way early in the New Year.

Christmas Trading Hours
Your Club is in full swing over the next fortnight culminating in us catering for several hundred members and guests on Christmas Day. The Members’ Bar trades for lunch and dinner seven days per week with daily specials and if heading to the restaurant it’s a good idea to book ahead as it’s a busy fortnight, for bookings call 9599 0999. Be mindful we modify our trading hours over the festive period

Live Entertainment
Next week we have two nights of live entertainment. On Thursday 20 December we have our twilight entertainment with Lisa Edwards and Michael Chrisitano. We also have acts performing throughout January – more detail is here

Then on Friday 21 December we have our next Member thank you event with Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows performing. This ticketed event is SOLD OUT with the full allocation of 480 tickets snapped up by Members in an overwhelming response. For those fortunate to have a ticket, if your plans have changed and you are now unable to attend – PLEASE RETURN your tickets as we have a long list of members on the waitlist.  

Holiday Programs
Next week and right throughout January the Club Marine SYC Boating Academy offers weekly fun-filled holiday programs for both juniors and youth – could be a great time to get the children or grandchildren away from the computer screens and onto the water  – ….. If you’d like to purchase a voucher as a Christmas gift, please contact the Boating Office on 9599 0922 and they can help you there!

Enjoy your Club, it’s great to belong.

Richard Hewett
Chief Executive Officer