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Monday, 9th September 2019

Dear Members,

Notice of By-Law Amendment

In accordance with Section 34.3 of the Constitution, I am notifying you that the following amendments have been made by General Committee (GC) to the Sandringham Yacht Club By-Laws:

In the interests of improving the safety of our on-water activities, the following sections of the By-Laws have been added, updated or deleted:


Policy 21

Inclement Weather (Keelboat Racing)

Policy 25

Powers of the Sail Committee, OTB Committee and Race Officer

Policy 29

Substance Misuse


In addition Policy 2 – Honorary Membership has been updated to reflect the timing of the new membership year.

To view the updated By-Laws click here

If you have any queries please let me know so that I may assist.

Yours truly,


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive Officer