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Sunday Sailors Winter Series 2019 Race 8 – Good One for the Aggregate

Wednesday, 14th August 2019

Some ominous signs faced Sunday sailors before the start of this race. A strong wind warning had been issued for Port Philip; showers and thunderstorms were forecast; and, the temperature had only reached 7.5° C by 0930. As it turned out the wind averaged only 16 knots for the morning; there were neither showers nor thunderstorms; and, there was plenty of sunshine to raise the temperature. Nine yachts were out on the water to contest a race around the 7 leg, 9.8 nautical mile course 12. It started on time, was completed by 1200 with every yacht recording a top ten finish. The first yacht to start was the first to finish whilst the last yacht to start was the last to finish but every yacht maintained or improved their aggregate position. Read more…