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Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series

The eighth edition of the Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series (PPWCS) is back this season with an exciting new format offering two new divisions and ten races scheduled over the traditional five race days from Sunday 1 December 2019 through to Sunday 3 May 2020.

In response, the 2019-20 series will be run in two new divisions – Division 1 for all female crews and Division 2 for mixed crews with females in 3 key positions with a limited number of male support crew (as detailed in the Notice of Race). Host Clubs will also still provide categories for their own club’s signature “Lady Skipper” event.

Entry to the PPWC Series is through a single TopYacht PPWCS entry portal Click here to register for the PPWC 2019-20 Series which will take you to registration via your host club portal found at the above link . If you are not a club member at one of the five host clubs you can still register by entering the first race or the next scheduled PPWCS Race Day via that host club portal if the Series has begun.

Series entry fees will be discounted to $120 for five race days.

Competitors choosing to participate in only selected race days will be deemed Casual entry at a cost of $30 per day and will not be scored for the Series.

All PPWCS participants will also be required to register their crew on board for each race day in line with the move by all clubs to roll out Crew Safety Sign on/off systems. This will also enable improved text message communications with all crew.