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Thursday Twilight Series

Designed primarily as a social event, this Series runs on a Thursday evening. The Series runs during Daylight Savings hours only, commencing in October and ending in late March with a break over Christmas / New Year.

During October and March, when there are shorter daylight hours, the starting signal is at 18:00; for the other summer months it is 18:15.

Starts are a staggered or “Pursuit” style from the SYC Tower, which means that participants start according to their relative speed, with smaller boats starting first. The aim is to have the whole fleet finishing close together. Each boat is allocated a time in minutes that is their individual starting time after the starting signal.

Boats are divided into tow divisions (Div A and B) based on their relative speeds, with Division B sailing a shorter course.

Courses are sailed around fixed marks as indicated in the SYC Sailing Instructions. The course for each race day is indicated on the SYC Tower and may be broadcast on the VHF race frequency.

The typical duration of racing is 1.0-1.5 hours. Whilst racing is typically “No Extras”, an option to fly spinnakers (and incur an associated time penalty) is available. 

The Notice of Race, along with any Notices to Competitors for this series, are published on the SYC website under On Water > Keelboat Racing > Race Documents or alternatively contact the Boating Department.

Pursuit start handicaps for each entrant are listed on the race noticeboard at the Ken King Centre.

Series entry or casual entry is available online through the SYC website under On Water > Keelboat Racing > Online Entry. Results are published to the SYC Web Site under On Water > Keelboat > Results and a copy placed on the notice board in the Members Bar.

Please note that as part of SYC’s focus on safety, an annual Man Overboard drill is required along with an associated declaration and crew register.  This is required to be lodged in October and remains current for 13 months. Failure to lodge this declaration may result in your result not being scored.

Also please note that it is mandatory for all who sail out of SYC to either be a current annual member or have a Sail Pass or a Season Pass. Sail Pass Memberships are available via Memberpoint or direct from the Boating Office on race day – it’s quick, easy and more affordable than participating in just about any other sport.

For more info click here or ring our boating office on 9599 0922