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Notice of By-Law Amendment

16 January 2024

Dear Members,

Notice of By-Law Amendment

In accordance with Section 34.3 of the Constitution, I am notifying you that the following amendments have been made by General Committee (GC) to the Sandringham Yacht Club By-Laws:

  • Section 3 Clubhouse, Grounds and General Requirements – updated to reflect the name change to the members areas i.e. “Members’ Bar & Bistro”, the change in operations following the recent refurbishment and to further clarify the rules around visitors and guests. Some minor changes have also been made to section 3.4 Car Park.
  • Section 4.2 Marina – updated to support the uptake of direct debits as the preferred method of bill payment.
  • Section 2.12 Accounts
    • in section 2.12.2 the words “and key access” have been added for the avoidance of doubt and the paragraph “If the subscription is not paid within 45 days of the due date, the Member’s key access may be suspended.” deleted, as it was inconsistent with the paragraph immediately following.
    • In section 2.12.3 the words “and there may be a requirement for any future credit to be settled monthly by direct debit.” Added at the end of the third paragraph.

To view the updated By-Laws please go to the website:

If you have any queries please let me know so that I may assist.

Warm Regards & Stay Safe


Richard Hewett

Chief Executive Officer