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Great Result for the Over 40’s Wednesday Wonders Summer Series 2018-19 Race 7

Saturday, 17th November 2018

Six of the best ten starts of the day were made by yachts with handicaps over 40. At the other end of the race eight of the first ten yachts to cross the finish line also had 40 + minute handicaps. However the over 40s did not have everything their own way. The three way tie for Start of the Day that included the over 40’s VINDALOO (John Taylor) and BRANNEW (Clive Sondheim) also included PRIMO (Steve Copley) with a 39 minute handicap. Two of the three podium finishers had handicaps over 40 minute but were led across the finish line by BABYDOLL (Brendon Kruger) with a 35 minute handicap. In 2nd place was WICKED (Mike Welsh), 51 minute handicap, followed by CONQUEST (Paul Jacka) on a 49 minute handicap. They were the best of the 38 yacht fleet that sailed around the 9.8 nautical mile course 12. Fawkner Beacon observations showed the average wind strength for the afternoon to be about 11 knots. It increased as the afternoon progressed offering the late starters some advantage. WICKED (Mike Welsh) recorded the fastest elapsed after sailing the course in 1:39:45. She has recorded the fastest elapsed time on two previous occasions this series … Read More