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1 April 2020

Based on the latest Government announcements below is the current update on the Club and our services moving forward;

  • Our Marina remains accessible to authorised Members 24/7. Our fuel is currently available.
  • Our Open air Boat Yard Operations are open including slipping. 
  • Clubhouse operations including food & beverage trading is closed.
  • On-Water Private recreational use of Member vessels is unfortunately no longer permitted by Transport Safety Victoria.

Our Manager on Duty is advertised on A Frames at the Clubhouse & Marina entrance.

Please call us on 9599 0999 leave a message and we will get back to you.

Monjon Security continues to provide full security services for our Club.

Warm Regards and stay safe,


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive

25 March 2020

Please click play on the below video to hear the latest from the Commodore.


In addition, below is an update on the Club moving forward subject to any further Government announcements;

  • Our Marina will remain accessible 24/7 and use thereof will remain a personal choice for authorised Members. In addition to providing safe storage and supervision of Members vessels, the SYC marina also acts as a safe harbour for vessels in distress on Port Phillip. We also regularly act as an emergency medivac pick up and access point. We also provide fuel, including on occasion to emergency service vessels – so the fuel bowser will remain turned on for now. We also have important harbour pollution response capability.
  • Boat Yard – like you, we expect the imminent lockdown to commence shortly and at that point we will discontinue any remaining travel lift services.
  • The Clubhouse food and beverage trading will continue to be closed and we have also discontinued our Ken King Centre food offer. Thank you to all who have supported this offer over recent days.
  • Our Club Organised On-Water activities have now ceased for the time being.
  • SYC is home to several hundred vessels and all boat owners will continue to have ongoing access to their boats. Our launch ramps and hardstand cranes will remain open for private recreational use.
  • Monjon Security – it’s also a timely reminder that SYC uses Monjon, a specialist security company to keep an eye on things. These important services include mobile patrol services after hours, 7 days per week. These include overnight marina and venue patrols, electronic surveillance including alarm monitoring services and emergency incident management security services. These services will be fully retained moving forward.  
  • Can we help? If we can assist any of our Members, especially those who may be lonely at this difficult time, then please reach out to me and I will endeavour to assist – you may just like a friendly phone call from a fellow Member. Please let me know  

Thanks to all Members for their continued and ongoing support.

Warm Regards & Stay Safe


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive

21 March 2020

Based on the latest Government announcement earlier, and after meeting with the Executive, below is an update on the Club and our services moving forward;

  • Clubhouse food & beverage trading is closed.
  • Our On-Water activities will cease after Sunday 22 March.
  • Ken King Centre – “Home Cooked Meal” pick up and run offer will continue Sunday 22 March from 10am – 4pm. Thereafter it will continue from Monday- Friday 12 noon – 6pm.
  • Our Marina will remain accessible 24/7 on an ongoing basis.
  • Our open air Boat Yard Operations will remain open Mon – Sat. Members and contractors continuing to work on vessels remains a personal choice.  

Private recreational use of Member vessels will remain a personal choice.

Warm Regards & Stay Safe,


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive

20 March 2020

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all the Members who have sent in their support over recent days – it means a great deal to us all.  

Based on the latest Government announcement earlier, and after meeting with the Executive, below is an update on the Club and our services moving forward;

  • The Clubhouse food and beverage trading will continue to be closed. In better news our “Home Cooked Meal” pick up and run offer will continue from the Ken King Centre indefinitely. We are open tomorrow from 8am – 4pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm and into next week Mon-Fri from 12 noon – 6pm. Our Home Delivery service will also continue please call 9599 0999 (now open to all within < 15km). Our meat supplier is also happy to continue his offer to you all – he was overwhelmed in the first 24 hours with your response so he employed one of our chefs for the day (order form attached… min order $150 & $10 delivery)
  • Our Marina will remain accessible 24/7 on an ongoing basis.
  • Our Boat Yard Operations will remain open for slipping on an ongoing basis (Mon – Sat).  
  • Our On-Water activities will cease after this Sunday 22 March. So for clarity there will be no organised Club activities in any of our Keelboat, OTB, Recreational Boating or Academy areas from this Monday 23 March moving forward. This decision, like all of our decisions will be constantly reviewed and like you, we will be doing our very best to get back out on the water asap & when deemed appropriate.
  • New Member Service – like our food offer, we’ve been working on some new ideas. In a bid to keep our awesome boating team employed during this downtime, they have the ability to assist you with your vessels. Please click on this link …it involves a basic service cleaning your boat and doing some simple checks. Please reach out to the boating office if interested.
  • SYC Staff Generally – as we have had to shut some services, we have staff who will need work. If your business or someone you know is in need of staff, we have great people with lots of different skills – administration, accounts, chefs, kitchenhands, social media, website stuff, database management, fork lift drivers & transport drivers. Our staff have mortgages, kids and grand-kids – so they’ll do anything to get through this next few months. Please let me know personally if you could use some of my staff 0419 886 799 /  

Warm Regards & Stay Safe,


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive

18 March 2020

CORRESPONDENCE TO MEMBERS via email on Wednesday 18 March

Dear Members,

The SYC General Committee met last night to decide on how we should best respond to the Coronavirus situation.

We have a diverse facility with many stakeholders who use the Club for very different reasons, some recreational, sporting, social and or commercial / industry type reasons. Some of these activities involve gatherings, and some of our stakeholders use it for singular recreational purposes. Some just like mucking around on their boat. We have endeavoured to be considerate in the face of a raft of uncertainties.

Please note the following outcomes and implications to Club facilities, activities and Member services – all of which are subject to further Government announcements, the latest of which was 9am this morning, and ongoing advice;

  • The Clubhouse will discontinue food and beverage trading immediately.
  • Our Marina will remain accessible 24/7 on an ongoing basis to our Member tenants. Members will be free to make personal choices about their recreational use and access to their vessels. Boats visiting from other clubs will be welcomed but advised to defer any social trips that involve onsite gatherings. Boats arriving to enter the boat yard or requiring fuel will naturally be welcomed. Furthermore, SYC has always prided itself on being a safe harbour to boats or people on the water in distress – this will absolutely continue. Our launch ramp will continue to be accessible 24/7 providing unhindered access to our Members with authorised access e.g. those who chose to go fishing at 4am may continue to do so.    
  • Our Boat Yard Operations will remain open for business, for now including the travel lift. The open air boat yard will trade Mon-Sat and keep the travel lift in operation. Those staff will also respond to any Marina related matters. The eight onsite tenants & contractors we approached yesterday have advised they will be operating business as usual if Members require their services.

Various On-Water activities

  • Recreational and or private use of Members boats will remain a personal choice for Members. And this is applicable to vessels not just in the marina, but also off the beach and the hardstand areas. It also applies to Members who keep their vessels off-site and use our launch ramp.
  • In terms of organised racing, subject to volunteer availability we will run the scheduled races this week on our keelboat program including todays Wednesday Wonders, Thursday Twilight and Saturday aggregate. Any racing beyond this Sunday is unlikely but will be reviewed over the coming days. There will be no pre-race gatherings encouraged and no prize giving in the bar afterwards. 
  • Our off the beach will run their on-water activities through till Sundays race. Junior development squad programs this Sunday have been cancelled. There will be no pre-race or post-race gatherings.
  • Our recreational boating group have a small event this Sunday which will currently proceed – the fleet is expected to be 7-10 boats, 2 up.
  • The Women in Sailing program scheduled for this Sunday will be subject to volunteer availability and willing competitors. We are in dialogue with the other Club stakeholders today.  
  • Our Training & Academy Activities are partially cancelled & or winding down. Our school programs have been cancelled and all classroom activity is also cancelled. Our clubhouse based training e.g. radio courses in a confined room are also cancelled. Our after school, holiday programs and weekend courses at this stage will run to run up until the end of the 22/3.

On general matters we have also agreed all sub-committee meetings, if non-essential will be deferred. If they are absolutely essential we will conduct them where possible over the phone.

It should be emphasised that these decisions will be constantly reviewed and amended as appropriate. We have a wide range of other issues that we need to deal with and we will work through these as best we can, and as soon as we can.

For further information, please contact either myself or the CEO Richard Hewett for any further information.  

I implore all of you as my fellow Members to stick with the Club during the coming months, we will need your unconditional and full support to ensure the Club’s livelihood moving forward.

Warm Regards,

Ashley Trebilcock

16 March 2020

CORRESPONDENCE TO MEMBERS via email on Monday 16 March

Dear Members,

Due to the rapidly escalating Coronavirus situation, the Sandringham Yacht Club General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening 17 March 2020 has been cancelled.

Your General Committee will be meeting tomorrow evening instead to preside over the many uncertainties we face. We are confronted with the very harsh, and immediate reality of potentially having to shut down areas of our operations – and being able to do so swiftly.

I will be back in touch with you on Wednesday setting out how we propose to navigate our way through this unprecedented disaster.   

Your Club will need your absolute and full support.


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive

10 March 2020

CORRESPONDENCE TO MEMBERS via email on Tuesday 10 March

Dear Members,

The Coronavirus situation continues to evolve rapidly and like you, Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC) is monitoring it closely.  

A good place for comprehensive information related to the Coronavirus is the Australian Government Department of Health website. If not already, we encourage you to have a good read by clicking here

In the context of SYC, we would like to highlight some of the important messaging therein;

  • Wherever we are, each of us is obliged to implement a range of personal hygiene measures including hand washing, sanitising and using tissues when sneezing or coughing. SYC provides soaps in all bathrooms for hand washing and sanitisers are also now available in the Clubhouse including the Members bar.
  • If any of us are unwell (e.g. fever, cough or have difficulty breathing), or have been exposed to someone with coronavirus, then we should seek medical care asap. If unwell, we should also avoid coming down to SYC. If you have concerns re: your vessel and you can’t come down, reach out to me personally and I will ask the staff to look over your boat.
  • If any of us have been travelling abroad, and in-particular to those countries known to have outbreaks, then we need to be aware of and adhere to the self-quarantine measures.
  • And if bringing guests down to SYC (which we continue to encourage you to do), then please ensure they are exercising the same appropriate cautions.

With Easter less than a month away, it signifies we are in the last few, but very important final weeks of the summer sailing season. As I write this, all on-water and social events scheduled are going ahead as planned and it is club business as usual.


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive