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SYC Roadmap to re-opening our Club – view the roadmap out of the restrictions for our club based on the current government regulations and related COVID number thresholds (click on the image to enlarge)

1 October 2020

Hi Everyone

The following SYC updates are in line with the current restrictions:

Recreational Boating:

·         If you reside further than 5km from SYC – unfortunately you currently cannot go boating. We are very hopeful this will be fully re-instated shortly.

·         If you reside within 5km, single handed sailing or sailing with someone from your household bubble (up to 5 persons) is now permissible as part of your 2 hours of daily exercise. This means it is okay in an Off the Beach dinghy and also in a yacht. I am advised the 2 hour limit includes your travel time. You must do all the other normal things including staying within 5km (if you live 2km from SYC, you can sail up to 3km in total distance from SYC), wearing a face mask while on land, social distancing etc.

→ Off the Beach Sailors: if you are going sailing unsupervised from the OTB area, we have improved our policy to help make you safer when sailing alone. Please read through the updated policy by clicking here  If you have any questions, please contact James Sly

→ Fishing:  you can go fishing within 5km of your home, from land or in a vessel. At the moment the DHHS website prevents you from accessing that vessel from a marina or using a ramp from e.g. SYC. This is unworkable for SYC Members and it is being queried with Government and we await clarity.

SYC Marina, Hardstand & Off the Beach:

·         For authorised Members, if you live within a 5km radius you can visit SYC and check on your vessel whilst you are getting in your daily exercise (i.e. walking or riding) or buying food from the Ken King Centre. You can also drive to the Club and then exercise.

·         For those boat owning members who live outside of the 5km radius, you too can now travel outside of your 5km radius to check on your vessel at SYC.  Strict conditions and paperwork apply, including it is for emergency maintenance or essential safety purposes only, you have vessel proof of ownership with you and you have verification on SYC letterhead you are a current Member and the vessel is berthed at SYC. If you would like a letter verifying your Membership and boat status at SYC please email Karen [email protected]

Boat Yard Operations:
On the back of the Premiers announcements on 27/9/20, the SYC yard and marina has re-opened in line with the “Metro Melbourne Second Step” plan (view the plan here – refer page 5, transport section, boat maintenance).

There is a very significant amount of detail pertaining to these permitted works and you can view all of the detail by clicking here. Importantly please note whilst the works outlined can be undertaken, you must use a professional contractor (you cannot perform those works yourself under the current restrictions). All of our contractors and tenants are back on deck and will gladly assist you. When restrictions ease further and you can conduct your own maintenance works, we will be in touch.

Food & Beverage:
The Clubhouse remains closed but the Ken King Centre is open daily from 10:00am – 5:00pm for take away food, coffee and alcohol. If you live within 5km you can pop in as part of your daily shopping trip and grab some of Kol’s frozen food and or the fresh meats on offer. If you live within 15km, we are doing home delivery. From 10:00am – 2:00pm on weekends, look out for the chef who is cooking take-away on the Ken King BBQ.

At all times our phones will be manned daily from 10:00am – 5:00pm 9599 0999.

Warm Regards & Stay Safe


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive