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1994 1995 Wet n' Infamous SYC Kevin Wood

Notable Race Events

1995-96 SYC Club Champion IMS-1 1st
1994 ORCV Lord Wardens Trophy Overall 1st
1995 Geelong Festival of Sails IMS-1 1st
1994 Rudder Cup IMS 1st
1994-95 Australian J35 Championship Overall 2nd
1995 Sydney - Gold Coast IMS-B 10th (2nd in O/all Regatta)
1995 Hamilton IS Race Week IMS 2nd


1994 Wet n' Famous was "straight out of the box" a winning boat for Kevin Wood. When first launched, Kevin decided on a crew of young, talented SYC members to provide an opportunity to enjoy keelboat racing. First up was the ORCV Telecom Business Directory winter series comprising 6 IMS races. Wet n' Infamous won the first 5 Bay races, but the last race (a short ocean sprint from Queenscliff to Hastings) was worth double points and a mandatory inclusion in the series. With variable winds in Westernport Bay, Wet n' Infamous initially struggled to find a good breeze and were mid-fleet, however they then picked up a favourable shift off Cowes which made up ground and gave them the win - providing an unbeatable 6-straight wins in the series.
1994 The J35 Association held their first National Championship at RPAYC on Pittwater. Kevin trucked Wet n' Ínfamous from SYC to RPAYC, with two of the regular crew arriving early to put the boat back in the water and prepare it for the series. Kevin and the rest of the crew arrived on the Friday before the series. Upon his arrival in Sydney Kevin was ambushed by his crew at the baggage carousel where they stripped off his jacket and business shirt and dressed him in the new crew shirt - leaving onlookers flabbergasted at the antics. The first weekend of racing was tough as the crew struggled with the variable wind conditions on Pittwater, however the following weekend Wet n' Infamous won all heats to finish 2nd overall in the Championships.
1994 Wet n' Infamous competed in the Melbourne - Devonport and the associated Rudder Cup series, enjoying the camaraderie of fellow yachties at the Mersey Yacht Club and the subsequent cruise to Beauty Point. In the first race of the Rudder Cup series (the Cock-of-the-Bay), Wet n' Infamous were well placed in line honours, but mid-fleet on IMS. With IMS result impacted by the race officer's election of course structure and weather conditions, a protest was lodged by Wet n' Infamous on the basis of selecting the incorrect course structure, however this was dismissed. The race to Devonport was the next day and Wet n' Infamous had a top start and was the first boat out of Port Phillip Heads. The race plan was to make top speed in search of a wind shift later in the race with a single tack to the finish. With a strong interest in the race, Kevin made a live radio broadcast from the boat, reporting their progress and weather conditions. As the race progressed, dark clouds built on the horizon and Wet n' Infamous fell into a windless hole between the prevailing wind and the new wind for over an hour. Eventually the new breeze filled in and Wet n' Infamous tacked towards the finish. They finished the race 2nd over the line and also 2nd on IMS. The final race of the series was the Top of the Island race off Devonport, and Wet n' Infamous performed strongly to comfortably win the event, earning a mounted ounce of gold which Kevin still has on his desk today. Wet n' Infamous finished 2nd in the Rudder Cup series.
1995 Wet n' Infamous competed in the popular Geelong Festival of Sails. On the passage race to Geelong a fresh northerly gave the fleet a fast, challenging ride. Wet n' Infamous carried their spinnaker and were strongly placed at the front of the fleet. They approached the Hopetoun Channel and as they gybed towards the finish the mast came crashing down. When cutting free the broken rig, they attached a buoy and noted their location for later recovery of whatever was salvageable. The next day, with the help of a local fisherman they recovered the mainsail, boom and some rigging.
1995 Wet n' Infamous entered the Sydney - Gold Coast race and subsequent regatta, finishing 2nd to 2KY in the regatta.
1995 Wet n' Infamous was trucked up to Queensland to compete in the Hamilton Island Race week, which became a regular event for Kevin and his crew. Although winning individual races, Wet n' Infamous placed 2nd in the regatta. In addition to their strong on-water performance, the crew of Wet n' Infamous were also well-known to enjoy the off-water activities. Kevin recalls one time where one of the crew decided to jump on stage and attempt to put on his own show, which security were not impressed with and Kevin had to do some quick talking to prevent the entire crew from being ejected from the island.
1995 Wet n' Infamous was sold to a Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron member and moved to Sydney.

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