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2020 Annual General Meeting

24 September 2020                                                                                                                               

Change of Date – Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The SYC AGM will be held on Tuesday 24 November 2020. The meeting agenda remains unchanged and is below.

Pursuant to Rule: 18.5 of the Constitution, Members wishing to bring forward motions at the AGM shall deliver written notice to me of such motions by 27 October [email protected] 17:00hrs. Only motions of which notice has been given, can be discussed or voted upon at the AGM.

Pursuant to Rule: 26 of Sandringham Yacht Club’s Constitution, seven (7) Officers of the Club shall now be elected on Saturday 21 November 2020. Eligible members are invited to nominate for the positions of Officers of the Club for a term of two (2) years. Nomination forms are currently available through me with nominations closing at 17:00hrs on Friday 23 October 2020.

At previously advised the time of writing we have received seven (7) nominations listed below. Read up on your nominee profiles by clicking here


Garry Anderson (SYC Member No. 2062)

Vice Commodore

Sue Bowes (SYC Member No. 3182)

Rear Commodore

Mark Welsh (SYC Member No. 0746)


Greg Winnett (SYC Member No. 7350)

Club Captain – Sail

Robert Date (SYC Member No. 3896)

Club Captain – Off the Beach

Andrew Crawshaw (SYC Member No. 6807)

Club Captain – Recreational Boating

David McCutcheon (SYC Member No. 5437)

In the event that an Election is necessary, a ballot will be conducted and will conclude at 12:00hrs on Saturday 21 November 2020. Members will be advised of the election results immediately thereafter.

General Committee have appointed Members David Lynch and Dean Robson as the scrutineers to oversee the above processes.

Please be advised pursuant to Rule: 26.5.a (ii) that an online information session will be scheduled (upon request) for members considering nominating for election as an Officer of the Club. If you would like to do so, please let me know so I can arrange a suitable time, date and Flag Officer attendance.

As the time nears, we will forward you the meeting details including how the meeting and motion voting will be conducted – likely to be electronically with physical attendance limited to presenters and award recipients in line with the regulations of the day.


Warm Regards & Stay Safe


Richard Hewett
Chief Executive Officer